Persian Rug Gallery has a vast selection, 100's of quality Kilim rugs to choose from.

All of our rugs are sourced from Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan or India, and are 100% authentic in their creation and design. With a range of styles and prices, there’s sure to be a product that’s right for you. View or sizing and price chart below to learn more.

Price Range

1m x 80 - Kilim rug from $29.00
150 x 1m - Kilim rug from $69.00
2m x 1m - Kilim rug from $99.00
2m x 150 - Kilim rug from $149.00
250 x 150 - Kilim rug from $199.00
3m x 2m - Kilim rug from $299.00

All our rugs are made of pure wool and granted hand knotted

View of a Persian rug
For quality rugs at competitive prices call Persian Rug Gallery on
0800 784 425
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