What You Need to Know about Your Persian Rugs

So you may think that you know what a Persian rug is, but did you know they come in a variety of different types based on a variety of factors, including origin, religion and environment? Below are 34 types of different rugs that Persian Rug Gallery currently offers. Get to know all about them and please give us a call for more information.

Persian Nain

  • Nain carpets are some of the most beautiful Persian carpets in the world
  • Created from different types of high quality wool and silk
  • Nain rugs are constructed using the Persian knot and typically have between 300 and 700 knots per inch. The pile is usually very high quality wool
  • This Rug is very tightly knotted, with a very fine grade of wool and silk pile.
  • 300cm x 200
  • RRP $6995
  • Sale Price $3495
Persian Nain rug
Elegant Kashan rug


  • Kashan rugs and carpets are among the very finest Persian rugs and carpets, with the best Kashans carpets known as Motashem Kashan
  • They often have medallion designs and the palette can be both deep and rich in the classical tradition, or utilize softer hues appropriate to modern decor.
  • 310 cm x 200
  • RRP $4999
  • Sale Price $2995

Persian Tabriz (Antique)

  • Blue with contrasting ivory and red background
  • Softer greens, blues and browns can be found in this rug to meet modern tastes and interior
  • This Rug is all pure wool pile on a base of cotton
  • Tabriz is well known for it's fine wool quality
  • 310cm x 212
  • RRP -$2998
  • Sale price $1695 Now
Persian Tabriz rug
Gabbeh rug

Afghan Gabbeh

  • Made of natural, handspun wool yarn
  • All colors are created with natural plant dye
  • The word ‘Gabbeh’ is Persian for raw, natural, and uncut
  • Very durable and also known as the roughest and toughest type of carpet
  • Patterns are of a very basic kind with only a limited number of decorative, mostly rectangular objects
  • 223 x 156cm
  • RRP $2875
  • Sale Price $1198


  • Among the most popular hand knotted rugs in the world
  • Rugs have fine traditional patterns on a solid background colors, in jewel tones
  • Has velvety, plush piles and are very pliant (almost blanket-like) in texture
  • Over 200 knots per square inch
  • Made by using pure merino wool by Australia and New Zealand
  • 180cm x 120
  • RRP $1695
  • Sale Price $699
Bokhara - The famous knotted rug
Jaldar Rug


  • Of Afghan design and exported from Pakistan with its roots in the traditional Sarooq and Yamoud culture
  • Has symmetrical knotting (single knot), with piles composed of treated or brushed wool which gives it a silky feel
  • Size - 261 x 184
  • RRP $2495
  • Sale Price $1250


  • Good quality woolen kilim
  • Beautiful colors as displayed in pictures, all pure wool pile and hand knotted at a very reasonable price
  • 100s of Kilims to choose from
  • Vast range of quality and sizes available
  • Size - 250 cm x 160
  • Sale price - $299
Chobi Kilim

Chobi Kilim

  • Woven in the hills of the Pakistani and Afghan borders
  • Bold and colourful with traditional geometric patterns
  • Made using handspun wool, which has been dyed using vegetable dyes.
  • Chobi kilims are very hardwearing and suitable for any space
  • Can be used as a reversible rug


  • Very durable quality, good for heavy traffic and sits nice on the floor
  • Great value for money 
  • Warm and welcoming colours that symbolizes the fullness of life
  • 90cm x 60 - $79
  • 120cm x 80 - $199
  • 150cm x 100 - $299
  • 200cm x 100 - $499
Turkoman - Durable quality rug
Hamadan - The treasured rug


  • Hamadan is one of the oldest cities, not only within Iran, once known as the cradle of Oriental civilization it is one of the oldest cities in the world.
  • These hand-woven rugs are items to be forever treasured, and are known to be durable, often lasting generations of heavy wear.
  • Colors are predominantly made up of strong reds and blues with ivory used as a contrast.
  • 220 x 120 
  • RRP - $1998
  • Sale price - $998


  • Kazak rugs are mainly woven by the people of Armenia and Afghanistan who are influenced by the designs found in old rugs from Russia as well as those from the northern parts of the Persian Empire.
  • Designs can include animals, flowers and mediallions similar to tribal rugs but are almost always implemented with straight lines.
  • 176cm x 122 
  • RRP $1998
  • Sale Price $798
Kajak Rug
Khal Mohammdi Rug

Khal Mohammdi

  • Very unique
  • Most Khal Mohammdi rugs are woven in or around the town of Kunduz in north of Afghanistan
  • Colors are dark, usually deep reds with dark blue or black used for detail, and often with curvilinear flowers in dark blue, ochre and beige
  • Handmade by the Turkomans in central and north Afghanistan.
  • 200cm x 150 
  • RRP $1998
  • Sale Price $995


  • Bakhtiari rugs are based on a cotton foundation, with a wool weft
  • Patterns usually floral or garden inspired, with the use of colors depending on styles of certain tribes
  • Most include shades of white, reds, browns, greens and yellows
  • 300cm x 210
  • RRP $3495
  • Sale Price $1699
Bakhtiari Rugs
Chobi Rug


  • The word "chobi" is from the Farsi word "chob" which means wood, referring to the source of its natural dyes
  • Chobis tend to have large geometric floral patterns
  • They are all hand-knotted with wool spun primarily by a drop spindle
  • Their natural dyes are made entirely from hand-gathered fruits, vegetables, roots, tree barks and dried shells, making Chobis the most labor-intensive of all tribal carpets
  • 300cm x 250
  • RRP - $6998
  • Sale price - $3495


  • Afghan Kunduz rugs are hand knotted by Turkmenians
  • This Afghan carpet is famous for its beautiful red nuance
  • The carpet is very durable and of superior quality
  • 240 x 160
  • RRP $2995
  • Sale price - $1495
Afghan Kunduz rug
Qom Rugs


  • Qom rugs are made in the Qom Province around 100 km south of Tehran
  • Qom rugs are known for their high quality and are regarded amongst the best in the world
  • Tree of life and medallion motifs feature heavily in rugs knotted in Qom
  • Price - POA


  • Shiraz carpet is a type of Persian rug made in the villages around the city of Shiraz, in the Iranian province of Fars
  • The design is geometric, sometimes featuring a pole medallion in the centre
  • Shiraz carpets use red and brown colors and often use diamond-shaped lozenges as the primary motif
  • Borders often have smaller bands around a larger band with palm and pine leaf designs
  • 310 x 220 
  • RRP - $4998
  • Sale price - $2495
Shiraz Carpet - Persian Rug
Sirjan Rug


  • Sirjan is the main collection point for the large Afshar production area between Shiraz and Kerman
  • The city of Sirjan is located in the southwest corner of Kerman province and is the second largest city of the province after Kerman
  • Large number of runners available 2m up to 10m length and 60 x 150 width From $695


  • Over the last 50 years Abadeh carpets are a highly recognizable commodity within the marketplace
  • The most common design is a red geometric medallion that fills most of the centre of the rug
  • Within this large design are many small geometrical motifs (animals, floral, human figures, tree etc.).
  • 300 cm x 82
  • RRP $2995
  • Sale price $1998
Abadeh Carpet
Qashqai rugs


  • The Qashqai are one of tribes of migratory herders.
  • Qashqai rugs average 70 to 170 knots per square inch
  • 240cm x 170 
  • RRP $4998
  • Sale price - $2275


  • The Iranian city of Isfahan (also spelt Esfahan) has long been one of the centres for the production of famous Persian carpets
  • Isfahani carpets are known for their high quality
  • Isfahan rugs are knotted on either silk or cotton foundations, with 500-700 Persian knots per square inch, using exceptionally good quality (often Kurk) wool for the pile.
  • Price - POA
Isfahan Carpet
Elegant patchwork carpet


  • Stitched rugs are finished with a perfect zigzag stitching or blind stitching detail
  • Backing stitches and glue help with durability and provide a level surface
  • 289 x 183
  • RRP $2495
  • Sale price - $998

Kirman Shah

  • Kerman carpets (sometimes "Kirman") are one of the traditional classifications of Persian carpets. They are named after Kerman, which is both a city and a province located in south central Iran
  • In the world of antique Persian rugs, Kerman carpets are celebrated as being among the best
  • The city and surrounding area produce carpets very similar to Yazd
  • 400cm x 300
  • RRP $7995
  • Sale price - $3998
Classic Yazd Rug
Mahal Rug


  • Afshar is a handwoven rug style produced by the Turkic Afshar tribe, a semi-nomadic group principally located in the mountainous areas surrounding the modern region of Iranian Azerbaijan.
  • Afshar style are known for their striking and stylized floral geometric designs, sophisticated tribal artistry
  • Size - 242 cm x 242
  • RRP $6995
  • Sale price - $4995


  • Ziegler is actually the name of a design, as opposed to a city or tribe
  • Ziegler design rugs are sometimes known as Chobi rugs or Peshawar rugs
  • Ziegler rugs were designed with the western market in mind and fit perfectly into almost any home
  • Based on a softer version of the Sultanabad design, their muted colours come from vegetable dyes and simple, yet striking patterns that fit well with modern neutral colour schemes
  • 180cm x 120
  • RRP - $2495
    Sale price - $1095
Decent Ziegler rug
Exquisite Bidjar Rug


  • Bidjar rugs are mainly woven by Kurds in the Gerus and Afsha 
  • Their popularity, strength, durability and the fact that so much work and material is put into their creation means that Bijar rugs are some of the best, and most expensive rugs on the market
  • 140cm x 125
  • RRP $2995
  • Sale price $1498

Super Kazak

  • Kazak (or Qazax) is a small city in the Northwest of Azerbaijan controlling routes into Armenia and Georgia
  • Typically geometric in pattern Super Kazaks tend to be red, yellow or gold and blue in colour.
  •  Designs can include animals, flowers and mediallions similar to tribal rugs but are almost always implemented with straight lines.
  • 235 x 168
  • RRP $3998
  • Sale price - $1949
Varamin carpet and rugs
Kurdish rugs


  • Woven by the Kurdish people in the Middle East
  • Kurdish Rugs are stout and solid in structure, usually made in symmetrical knotting upon a woolen foundation
  • Kurdish rugs and carpets do use medallion patterns
  • The beauty of Kurdish designs are demonstrated by the high-chroma blues, greens, saffron, terracotta and burnt orange hues
  • 300cm x 160
  • RRP $2995
  • Sale price $1998


  • Carpets made in LURI (LORI) have nomadic and geometric patterns. They are very durable and long-lasting.
  • In the spring, the LURI(LORI) live in black goat-hair tents. During the hot summer, they use leaves and branches for cover because they provide much cooler shelter. In the winter, they move into double ended houses known as zemga. These houses are half buried in the slope of a hill. The are built with boulders and 2/3 of the area is covered by a roof of branches and sod
  • 320cm x 140
  • RRP $3998
  • Sale price $2495
Decent Kirman carpet
Elegant Mehriban Rug

Mamina kilim

This hand made kilim rug is flat woven in a tapestry weave and made entirely of wool. It is woven by Uzbek weavers in central Afghanistan near the city of Maimana. The archaic designs have changed little over the centuries. A real authentic tribal kilim rug!
Price - $29 ONLY


  • Lilihan carpets and rugs are similar to Sarouk rug carpets in colour, style and thickness
  • There are about 3000 different designs for Hamadan rugs
  • The pink colour of the weft, distinguishes the Lilihan carpets from all others
  • Khaki and brown also accentuate the primarily salmon field colour
  • 390 cm x 81
  • RRP $2998
  • Sale price - 1499
Lilihan Carpets and rugs
Popular Sultanabad Rug


  • The most popular color of the Usmani palette was a deep rusty orange/ red
  • The rusty orange/red was created by bathing wool for two days in madder, then scoured for nearly another two days with running water
  • 180 x 120
  • RRP $1995
  • Sale price $995


  • Heriz rug weavers often make geometric, bold patterns with a large medallion dominating the field.
  • Designs are traditional and woven purely from memory
  • Heriz carpets are durable and hardwearing and will often last for generations
  • Size - 336cm x 230
  • RRP - $4998
  • Sale price - $2295
Elegant Heriz rug
Beautiful saruk rug


  • Sarouk rugs continue to be produced today, using the same methods as during early production – with the exception of the post-production dye job
  • Known for their exceptional quality and ability to withstand decades of wear, Sarouks continue to be a best seller within the Persian rugs sphere
  • They are made with a high quality, tough wool using a Persian knot
  • A tell tale sign of a Sarouk is usually its blue weft threads, salmon or tomato-red color mixed with ivory and blues, and a very traditional, floral style
  • The finest of the modern Sarouk rugs comes from the small town of Ghiassabad
For more information about modern rugs and their cultural significance, feel free to call Persian Rug Gallery on 0800 784 425
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