Repair, Valuation Handwash and Restoration Services

Let’s face it, no matter how good the quality is, rugs are probably the most susceptible items in your household when it comes to wear and tear. Instead of throwing your beloved rug away, why not have the professionals at the Persian Rug Gallery restore your old rug and breathe new life into it!

Persian and Oriental Rug Repair and Hand Wash

Are your rug fringes damaged? Are stains starting to detract from the look of your rug? Bring your treasured Persian or Oriental rug into the Persian Rug Gallery as soon as possible and let the experienced team give your rug a bit of TLC! Fringes, holes, stains and dirt will all disappear after just one session.
Rug restoration service

Quality rug restoration service


Persian Rug Gallery is able to offer valuations for your existing rugs for sale or insurance purposes. Value is established based on market conditions, authenticity, quality and detail.

Rug Restoration and Repair

We also offer professional cleaning and restoration services that will have your tired and worn rug looking brand new.

We hand clean and restore your rug, saving you the time and money of having to replace it.
High quality restoration service
For restoration, valuation repair and trial services, 
contact Persian Rug Gallery on 0800 784 425
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